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Graduates Profile

Our department has been implementing the new national standards and curriculum, "Merdeka Belajar and Kampus Merdeka" and therefore has designed its program to educate and train staffs to be able to master broad range of bureaucratic activities and activism in relation to local-global issues. IR graduates are expected to master local-global theoretical knowledge and practical skills as a sub-national affairs specialist and local-global issues activist.Other than the national standards and curriculum, IR conforms to the study of the market as the curriculum is continuously updated.

IR curriculum is organized by involving the Head of Department, internal stakeholders consisting of lecturers, students and alumni. To also keeping up to date to the needs of society and scientific developments in the fields of international relations, IR curriculum is organized by involving the Indonesian International Relations Association (Asosiasi Ilmu Hubungan Internasional Indonesia) where several recommendations were made for the members of the organization.

In consideration of all the parties involvement as mentioned above, our graduate’s profile, that is used as the core competencies, are described as follows :

  • Professionals: the graduates shall have the ability to understand, explain, analyze and provide solutions to various local-global issues by acting as consultant, communicators and bureaucrats.
  • Researcher: the graduates shall have the ability to conduct innovative research, community service and expand the development of local-global understanding by acting as analysts and researchers.
  • Activist: the graduates shall have the ability to motivate and create initiative, solution, and alternative to improve and promote local-global wellbeing by acting as social economic entrepreneurs and activists.

According to the curriculum and it graduates profile of regional affairs specialist and local-global issues activist, IR should provide the following qualifications :

  • A personal character with integrity, responsibility and professionalism underlined by the state’s characteristics upheld by the university.
  • Ability to understand, explain, master, and implement principles of International Relations studies, specifically covering local-global issues, to meet the needs of society and world of work.
  • Analytical and researching skills to understand, improve and create solutions and alternatives of various international relations phenomenon between local actors and issues with global actors and issues.
  • Motivation and creativity to expand the knowledge of international relations studies as an effort to bridge local and global issues and improve society’s wellbeing.

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