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Freshmen Program


Freshmen Orientation Program

The Freshmen Orientation Program (FOP) is the annual welcoming event for the new students of the IR UPNVJT program. In this event, the new students will be equipped with basic information about university life which includes academic integrity, curriculum, student organisations, and the lecturers as well as their specialities. The program is managed by the second and third year students under the supervision of a lecturer who serves as the advisor. In this event, we value creativity, diversity, and critical thinking as valuable assets to kick-start the students' journey into the university life.

Activities included in the FOP are short diplomatic course, in which the students will learn the basics of negotiating and public speaking as the basic skills of IR graduates; there is also the paper clinic session, where the new students will be taught the basics of writing academic papers as well as about academic integrity; team-bonding session, where the new students can mingle with each other after the regular sessions; finally, there is also a seminar session where the new students will get introduced to a topic in global politics by a lecturer or by a guest lecturer.

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