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Departments Profile

Historical Background

Bachelor Program of International Relations was established on September 30, 2011, under the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences by the Minister of National Education Decree number 216/E/O/2011. As a relatively new department, IR is granted with a “B” status (Good) by Indonesian National Accreditation Board (Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi / BAN-PT) Indonesian National Accreditation Board number 1071/1/1/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/IV/2019.

Among several IR departments in East Java province, the IR UPNVJT place their unique emphasis on their glocal approach. While most IR departments in Indonesia often use macro perspective to analyze the global phenomena, IR UPNVJT aims to see the local contexts in order to see the broader picture. This glocal characteristics that is being implemented as the core curriculum of IR, is in line with the university’s vision to implement state’s character and also coincides with the new national standards of higher education, the “Independent Campus, Freedom to Learn” (Indonesian: "Merdeka Belajar, Kampus Merdeka") curriculum released by the Minister of Education and Culture. This new standard and curriculum require universities across Indonesia to encourage their students to be more actively involved in society and in the world of work during their study to increase their employability.

Consequently, IR adjusted its curriculum to facilitate more students active involvement in society and world of work, specifically in relations of local-global issues through various out-of-class activities such as student exchange, internship, teaching assistance, research, humanitarian project, entrepreneurial activities, independent project and community service program. IRs new curriculum also adapts to the need to produce highly competitive human resources in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0.

Our Missions

1. Deliver graduates whom integrity, personality, social sensitivity, strong character as well as favorable scientific competence and high competitiveness. More than that, have faith and fear of God while upholding the values and spirits of Bela Negara (Nasionalism) who prepared themselves to the interests of society, nation, and state.

2. Disseminate scientific works, both scientific articles and research results within field of IR. Especially, under international security politics and transnational relations; which can be implements during teaching acitivities as well as community dedication.

3. Improve and strengthen various cooperation with policy-making communities, in order to increase the role and relevance of IR study which able to make real contribution to society, nation, and state, as well as to the world community.

Our Goals

1. Able to achieve the highly competitive graduates who are capable to make professional contributions in the work field with following indicators :

  • Average GPA of graduates ≥ 3,00
  • Average study time ≤ 4 (four) years
  • Average TOEFL score of graduates ≥ 450
  • Average time period to get job after graduated ≤ 3 (three) months

2. Able to increase the dissemination of scientific work, such as scientific articles, lecturer’s research, and the implementation of community service activities.

3. Able to improve and strengthen the cooperation and partnership with many parties, both government and private.

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